A key element of our provision at North Somerset Enterprise and Technology College (NSETC) is the close relationships we have with employers and partners across the region. 

Employers, partners and sponsors have a big part to play in our curriculum, real-work projects and work placements which are all part of our students’ experiences.

In return, NSETC will be providing a talented group of enthusiastic and motivated students directly to employers.

NSETC recognises that, next to gaining a good set of qualifications, students need to develop a range of personal skills to give them the all-round readiness to progress.

We have an intense level of collaboration with our partners to ensure workshops, site visits, mentoring and master classes make our course come alive and offer students additional opportunities as they prepare for their next step.

We are excited about the different type of education NSETC will offer young people.

“We will be providing NSETC students with work experience and mentorship opportunities, guest lectures from our staff and live project briefs, so that these young people can be inspired and gain a greater understanding of the jobs that will be available in the future and what they need to achieve them.

Jane Hadfield – Assistant Director and Head of Learning and Development, North Bristol NHS Trust

This is North Somerset’s future workforce, so we’re excited to work alongside NSETC.

Our input into the curriculum will help create young people with a strong work ethic, a real feel for professionalism, and a passion for innovation.

We’ll be providing students with inspirational and practical talks, and access to specialist resources and facilities.

Angela Hicks Chief Executive, North Somerset Enterprise Agency

NSETC will benefit our business and the Junction 21 Enterprise Area by creating work-ready young people. We’re looking forward to working with the NSETC on work-based projects and work experience openings for students.

Gemma Hughes Director, Dowlas UK

Through our volunteering schemes like the Police Cadets we will offer NSETC students the opportunity to develop their communication skills, confidence, professionalism and a strong work ethic.

We will also be offering diverse work experience openings; with such a wide and diverse force this could include opportunities to patrol with an officer, on horseback or foot, see the benefits of electronic filing, photographic retrieval systems, or work alongside medical and scientific officers and fingerprint and photographic experts.

Nikki Watson Somerset BCU Commander

Our multiple award-winning group of three dental Practices and two Dental Laboratories can offer NSETC students an experience and introduction to the fields of dental patient clinical care, dental technology and healthcare practice administration.
We will provide guidance, mentoring and support for students seeking multi-disciplinary skills associated with multi-faceted modern healthcare and practice administration.

David Houston Practice Principal, Houstons

Having the chance to support the development of the UK’s next generation of opinion formers and entrepreneurs by mentoring students, and helping them discover the real-world application of design through live projects and work placements, is both an inspiration and a privilege.

Fraser Bradshaw CEO Saintnicks and Bristol Media

We are excited to be working in partnership with NSETC to offer young people the opportunity to find new and innovative educational routes; ensuring access to Higher Education is open to as many students as possible.
We will support students with access to specialist lectures, academics with international research reputations, engagement with students, exciting projects and superb facilities.

Dr Lucy Meredith Head of Department, Biological, Biomedical and Analytical Sciences, Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences, University of the West of England (UWE).

As a local business with a global customer base we are a leading provider of high-technology tools and systems for research and industry. We are very excited to be in discussions on how we can work together to provide NSETC students with an insight into this dynamic and cutting-edge STEM business that is on their doorstep.

Rita Clarke Training Manager, Oxford Instruments.