Student Voice – a group of students who represent student views to senior management – is underway at North Somerset Enterprise and Technology College (NSETC).

A group of Year 10 and Year 12 students work alongside staff to improve relationships, teaching and the learning environment at the school.

Students who want to join Student Voice have to complete an interview with the Senior Management Team at the beginning of an academic year. They then have to stand for election and deliver a campaign. All students at NSETC then vote in a secret ballot to choose their representatives.

Students have the opportunity to participate in real decision making whilst developing their leadership skills and confidence.  The student representatives are eager to make an impact in the school, and organise both celebratory events and fundraising activities. 

The Student Voice has already held a breakfast morning, a pizza and movie night and are planning a visit to AirHop, in Bristol.

Year 10 Student Representatives


Year 11 Student Representatives

  • Will Fletcher
  • David Holmes
  • Alex Drummon
  • Josh Miller
  • James McShane
  • Kaylee Molton

Year 12 Representatives


Yr 13 Representatives

Chloe Griffin
•Lizzie Haines
•Joseph Hancock
•Corey Mahoney
•Megan Monkman
•Keleb Tuck