Special Education Needs and Disability Information

Name of academy: North Somerset Enterprise & Technology College (NSETC)

Name of SENCo: Mrs Jane Hicks

Contact details for SENCo: 01934 411 477


Who co-ordinates support for children and young people with special educational needs (SEN) and what expertise is available?

What policies do we have in place for identifying students with SEN?

What kind of special educational needs are met at the NSETC?

How do we make provision for students with SEN?

How do we adapt the curriculum and learning environment for students with SEN?

How do we consult with students with SEN and their parents, and involve them in their education?

How do we assess and review students’ progress as they go through the school, and how will parents be involved in this process?

How do we know that the provision we make for students with SEN is effective?

How do we support students as they prepare for the move to post 16 education, employment or training, and to post 18 employment, training or university?

How are students with SEN able to join in with activities with students who do not have these additional needs?

What support do we provide for improving the emotional and social development of learners with SEN?

How do we involve other agencies in meeting the needs of students and supporting their families?

How do you make a complaint about our SEN provision if you have a child with SEN?

Where is the local authority’s local offer published?