Year 10 - enterprise companies, clubs, and societies

Enrichment will be a key element of our students curriculum, enabling them to develop interests in sports, music, the arts, debating, business-related activities and, of course, STEM-related activities.

Each week, students will take part in extra-curricular activities that challenge their ability and ambition. Students will improve their team-work, self-discipline, determination, stamina, and resilience – qualities they will value for the rest of their life.

Enrichment is a core feature of NSETC, because top grades are a combination of studying hard and revising well, and devoting time to personal development in the broadest sense.

Art Club

Students can use 2D and 3D media to create a range of work at the NSETC’s art club. Charcoal, stencilling, clay and mod-roc sculptures are just some of the techniques they will be able to experiment with.

Film Club

The King’s Speech, Into the Storm and Romeo and Juliet are just some of the films the club has already enjoyed and musicals, anime and black and white movies are on their to-watch list. After each screening students write a movie review which includes a star rating.

Young Enterprise

Setting up a business requires not just a good idea but the planning and determination to see it through. Students in the young enterprise club will get first-hand experience of what it is like to set up and run their own business, from designing a product to delivering it to customers. Successful students will have the chance to battle it out to win the crown of UK Company of the Year.

BBC School Report

The NSETC is taking part in the BBC’s School Report programme. Students will be able to create, write and film their own news reports about current affairs, sports and more. The reports will then be played out to a real audience.

First Aid

Keeping cool in an emergency situation will be no problem after students have completed basic first aid training. Mannequins will be used for students to learn how to dress wounds and everyday first aid including resuscitation, treating cuts, burns and shock will be taught.

Warhammer 40000

The table-top role-playing game is set in a dystopian science-fantasy universe. Students playing the game will have to make decisions under pressure, manage their resources and work on their maths and probability skills. There are already regular matches and the club hopes to compete against other schools in the future.

Dissection Club

Students will get the chance to delve deeper into animal biology and physiology at the monthly meetings of the dissection club. Intricate dissection skills will be developed as the students get to explore anatomy.

Gaming Club

Students can design, create and interact with the latest and most-popular computer games. As part of the club students can play Minecraft and use the internet to explore the ever-growing world of online gaming.

Enterprise 4 U

This scheme involves designing a product, writing a business plan and pitching it to investors. Students will be able to showcase their entrepreneurial talent to a number of real businesses as they work on and pitch their business plans.

Karate Club

Students wanting to learn the majestic art of karate can enjoy lessons with a fully-qualified instructor. The traditional lessons follow Shito-Ryu, a type of karate which was founded in 1931 by warrior Kenwa Mabuni.