North Somerset Enterprise and Technology College places great importance on the value of engaging with parents throughout a child’s time with us.

There will be a number of times throughout the year when parents will be given progress reports and will have the opportunity to meet us.

Target setting and reports

Every student at NSETC will be set individual challenge grades for each of their subjects for both key stage 4 and in sixth form.

NSETC will communicate these targets and the progress that every child is making towards achieving their goals to parents and carers at our parents evenings.

We use RAG assessments ,a simple colour code designed to inform parents if there is cause for concern in a given area e.g. homework. The assessment will red (R) if there is an improvement that can be made, amber (A) if the area is of no concern and green (G) if the student is performing to the best of their ability.

Parent and carer voice

We value the views and opinions of our parents and carers as we develop and grow NSETC.

Three times a year we will put online, or send you, a satisfaction survey which we encourage you to complete.

We will establish a parent and carer forum for parents and carers to express their views. The forum will be used to inform provision and practice. The results of both of these exercises will be summarised and made available online.

Information evenings

The NSETC will hold numerous information evenings for you and your child to attend throughout the year, including:

  • Parents Evenings
  • Trip Information Evenings
  • Year 11 information evenings about post-16 progression
  • Year 12 progression evening
  • Year 13 Higher Education finance evening
  • STEM Fair including Higher Education and employment opportunities
  • Advice and guidance evenings focusing on core areas to explain specific curriculum requirements and expectations

Dates will be communicated on our events page.


At NSETC, we use ParentMail for a lot of our correspondence with parents and carers. ParentMail is an easy and quick way for parents and carers to access letters home, parents evening information, trip authorisation and more. By using ParentMail, we can ensure that each parent and carer is receiving all the information they need directly.

You can access ParentMail by clicking the banner below, or register for ParentMail by contacting our reception on 01934 411 477 or filling out our online form.

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