NSETC has been awarded a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) Ambassador Award for our ongoing commitment to STEM engagement.

Through our partnership with STEMNET, a UK educational charity, we have been able to access a national network of more than 30,000 volunteers through the STEM Ambassadors programme.

This has enabled us to provide the best education we possibly can around the core STEM subjects.

The ambassadors are usually professionals and specialists in their field, and help us with everything from providing technical support on STEM projects to speaking with students and enthusing them about the possibilities of a STEM related career.

We are incredibly pleased to have received this award in acknowledgement of the work we do to engage and support our students in STEM subject areas.

Liz Lister, Manager of the STEM Ambassador Hub West England, said: “The level of interaction demonstrated by NSETC can only be sustained with full support from a college which believes in the positive impact that people from industry and academia can have on young people’s skills, confidence and aspirations.

“STEM Ambassadors enjoy working with the College and it is a great pleasure to be able to recognise the hard work and commitment necessary to make these interactions happen.”

Emma Cox, Business and Development Co-ordinator at NSETC, said: “As a STEM school we are very committed to expand students’ awareness and knowledge within the STEM industry.

“We are very proud to achieve the recognition for this work and look forward to growing the STEM Ambassador partnership in the future.”