Work experience is one of the most terrifying things you can do as a student, however my week in Weston College’s IT Department was much the opposite.

After being welcomed into the building on Monday, greeted by bright smiles and a jolly atmosphere, I knew a great week was ahead of me.

I’ve learned about every side of how IT is used within the College – the IT helpdesk, being an IT technician, how software is managed, and much more. I went offsite multiple times, doing various tasks including installing software and reimaging computers, and learning new skills that I haven’t tried before.

During my placement, I improved my problem solving and teamwork skills massively. I’m now much more able when it comes to thinking outside the box, a useful skill when it comes to finding alternative solutions to IT problems. Working with the IT team also improved my abilities to communicate and work with others, a very useful skill in any position.

I enjoyed every part of my placement, however a real highlight for me was going offsite with members of the team and helping to solve the problems that had occurred. I feel this benefitted me the most out of all the activities I was presented with throughout the week and it has given me a realistic example of what it is like to be an IT technician.

This tells me a lot about what kind of career I want to pursue in the future – a job that has variations every day, rather than the same repetitive tasks found in some parts of the IT industry.

Overall, my work experience has taught me a lot about the real, working world, about working with others, and about myself. From just five short days, I believe I have gained a much clearer idea about my future and I am very grateful to the IT team for allowing me to complete my work experience placement with them.