All academies are run by a charitable trust – a Multi-Academy Trust. The Trust we belong to has been set up by the sponsors of the NSETC, Weston College, and key partners.

Ann Driver

Link Governor for Safeguarding

Ann was born in Essex and spent most of her later education in Wales before finally settling in North Somerset where she has lived for almost 30 years. She has three grown up sons, two of whom are teachers in secondary academies in Wiltshire.

Ann’s teaching experience started in Early Years where she ran her own Nursery for 11 years. Ann then went on to work with North Somerset Community Education before joining Weston College, where she worked as a lecturer for 12 years. Here, she taught Education, delivering Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools qualifications.

Since taking early retirement in 2012, Ann has volunteered in primary schools in Clevedon and Weston.

Ann has been a school governor since December 1991 for three primary schools in Nailsea and Clevedon. She is currently the governor of a Clevedon primary school which recently became an academy as part of a local multi-academy trust. Ann is also part of the North Somerset Governor Development Group.

Antony Norton

Link Governor for Employer and Business Engagement

Antony is the Managing Director of TNH Solutions Ltd, a local company involved in developing apps, websites, drones, sensors, location beacons etc. Antony also provides consultancy work, helping companies to gain DAOS approval for the MOD (Military Aviation Authority).

An accomplished inventor and serial entrepreneur, he has created several award winning businesses and patented products that have gained international safety, and innovation awards. He also has extensive business experience at a senior level, including Group Managing Director for an AIM listed company.

Antony’s companies have been involved in major construction projects including Heathrow T5, Canary Wharf, Cross Rail, and Edinburgh City Tram project, and have also appeared on TV programmes such as Time Team and Fighter Plane Dig Live.

Antony has involved himself as a volunteer in many organisations, he has been Vice-President of Weston Chamber of Commerce, an external commercial advisor to the board at Delft University, Branch Secretary RNLI Derby City, as well as holding professional memberships with IOD, UKSTT, ICE.

Lorraine Mitchell

Link Governor for Finance

Lorraine was born in Weston-super-Mare and educated at Hans Price Academy.  At 16, she made the decision to leave full time education and to start work, although she continued to study part-time at Weston College where she gained a BTEC National in Business Studies.

Lorraine joined Weston College as a Finance Officer in 1991 and continued to study, gaining qualifications in accounting and the Institute for Learning and Management. Since working for Weston College she has had several opportunities for progression and attained her current position of Finance Manager. Her role has grown considerably over the last 10 year due to the continued growth of the College, its subsidiary companies and the recent creation of the Inspirational Futures Trust and NSETC.

Lorraine is an advocate of life-long learning and has continued to attend courses and achieve additional qualifications throughout her time at the College.  She is also passionate about the local community, and considers the growth and diversity of the Weston College Group to be a great asset to North Somerset.

Tim Sully

Link Governor for Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment 

 Tim studied Anthropology at Durham University before travelling to Zambia to work at a school in the bush. He then travelled around East Africa before returning to the UK to train as a mental health nurse. Tim then went on to work in a secure unit for severely disturbed adolescent males.

After 5 years, Tim returned to teaching and started a long career in primary education as a classroom teacher, assistant headteacher and teacher governor. Tim has taught most age groups and in a variety of settings, from the suburbs to challenging inner city schools.

He regards helping to set up ‘Room 13 Hareclive’ – an independent art studio run by children, as one of his greatest achievements. Tim has also taught at Bath Spa University as a senior lecturer on their PGCE course and currently works as an adviser for the Learning Exchange. The majority of his work is coaching teachers across the primary and secondary sector. He has also written a number of publications and is a regular conference speaker.

NSETC Governors Declaration of Interest

Governor Category Term of Office Appointed By Committee Employment Personal Interests
Andy Davidson Chair 10/03/2017 – Present
Governor from 18/5/2015
LGB Chair - Admissions
Chair - Finance
Weston College  
Ann Driver Co-opted Governor
Link Governor - Safeguarding
Governor and SEND
18/05/2015 - Present LGB Quality and Data  Retired  
Antony Norton Co-opted Governor
Link Governor – IT,
Technology and Business
18/05/2015 - Present LGB  Admissions  Business Director/Owner  
Darran George  Principal 27/06/2017 - Present LGB Admissions
Quality and Data
David Last  Parent Governor 24/01/2017 - Present LGB  Admissions Weston College Family Connection:
Spouse - Attendance
and Welfare Officer, Jo Last
 Tim Sully LA Governor  18/05/2015 - Present  LGB Quality and Data (Chair) North Somerset Council Family Connection: Son is a student at NSETC
Tim Sully  Co-opted Governor 18/05/2015  LGB Chair – Quality and Data Local Authority – North Somerset  
Jamie Biddle  Staff Governor 24/01/2017 - Present LGB   NSETC
Weston College
Laura Blackmore  Associate Governor 24/01/2017 - Present LGB   Weston College  
Lesley Champion  Clerk 06/02/2017 - Present LGB   NSETC  
Claire Bushell  Co-opted Governor 02/05/2017 LGB Quality and Data Weston College  
Lorraine Mitchell Co-opted Governor 10/03/2015 - 21/04/2017 LGB Admissions Weston College  
Maxine Park Chair  10/03/2015 - 06/03/2017 LGB Admissions
Quality and Data
Weston College  

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