5 A*-C GCSEs.


You will need to be highly self- motivated and prepared to learn how to organise yourself.

This is a fairly big academic research project. Most students love the opportunity to work independently and to immerse themselves in a topic not covered in their main studies.

You have got to be ready to take constructive criticism, to review your ideas, and to stretch your abilities. The A* is hard to achieve, but because of that it can genuinely be the deciding factor when you are applying to universities.


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Overview of the project

The project aims to inspire, enthuse and motivate students by giving them the freedom to do an extended project on a subject that they’re studying or explore and area of personal interest.

When you take an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) alongside other qualifications such as A Levels, it can bring an exciting new dimension to your study and provide you with the skills that are useful if you are going on to further study.


Why complete the Extended Project?

The EPQ is equivalent to one AS Level.

It is entirely self-directed so you can decide what you want to study and how you want to present your final report or product. We will support you with workshops in research skills, referencing and analysis and evaluation, but it is up to you to do the actual research.

Each person chooses a different topic and your supervisor will act as an academic guide.

The outcome of your work can be a long essay, a play, a report, a series of interviews, a physical artefact, even something like an advertising campaign or a sports event. It is all up to your imagination and ambition.