5 A*-C GCSEs, including a grade C in Maths and BB in science GCSEs.


You will need good science knowledge and good practical skills as well as sound mathematical ability, good written communication skills and an interest in biology.


You will develop skills in problem-solving, maths, written communication, teamwork, independent study, research, experimental and lab skills and thinking synoptically and making links between topics.


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What will I study?

This course is split into six modules:

  • Development of practical skills in biology
  • Foundations in biology, exchange and transport
  • Biodiversity
  • Evolution and disease,
  • Communication
  • Homeostasis
  • Energy and genetics, evolution and ecosystems.
Why study Biology?

Biology involves the study of life at all levels of organisation, from the biological molecules that build our cells to the study of entire ecosystems.

This course touches on many aspects of contemporary life, including drug design and ghting antibiotic resistance, the use of genetic technologies, and the importance of minimising the impact of human activity on biodiversity.

In addition, biology will provide you with transferable skills such as using maths and data analysis to interpret information, team work and problem solving skills.

Where will this course lead me?

You could go onto university to study a wide range of degree courses in areas such as medicine, genetics, sports sciences, biomedical engineering, ecology and environmental, animal behaviour, agriculture and many more.

You could have a starting point in a range of careers, for example, veterinary science, medicine, dentistry, nursing, forensic science, science laboratories or the food industry.


There will be three exams at the end of this A Level course: Biological Processes (37%), Biological Diversity (37%) and Uni ed Biology (26%).

Extracurricular activities related to this course

You could take part in Biology Olympiad, CREST Awards, Science School Outreach Club, an ecology eldwork residential trip as well as visits and workshops at various universities.