When students choose North Somerset Enterprise and Technology College (NSETC) they are beginning an exciting new stage in their education – with a specialised environment for business and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

We have deliberately provided a core curriculum which means all students will be qualified to progress further within STEM and business fields, or to move to social science, humanities or literary subjects – but equally it is rare that a combination of subjects will ever prevent a student from changing direction at post-16 if they choose to.

Take a look through our options and ask these questions:

  • Is this something you will enjoy for two years?
  • Is it relevant to your ideas about your desired career or degree course?
  • Is this something you are likely to be good at?

Work through these questions with several different combinations of subjects until you are happy you have made the right choices.

The most successful students choose courses which they enjoy and which give them the chance to excel in areas of strength.

We recognise some students will have additional learning needs and we will work with them to create a personalised pathway which best suits the student’s individual needs.